What Is Cardio-Oncology?

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Introducing Cardio-Oncology

Cancer and cardiovascular disease are the two most common causes of death and disease worldwide. The incidence of both cancer and cardiovascular disease increases with age. With increased life expectancy, the burden of both diseases will increase substantially over the next decade. Physicians and ancillary staff frequently provide care for patients with cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Some cardiac diseases predate the diagnosis of cancer, whereas other conditions like chemotherapy-induced cardiomyopathy and radiation-related heart disease are directly related to the cardiotoxic side effects of cancer therapy. Cardio-oncology has developed as a new discipline within cardiovascular medicine as a result of the cardiac and vascular adverse sequelae of cancer therapy advancement. Clinically, these challenges are best addressed by a multidisciplinary approach in which cardiovascular medicine specialists work closely with oncologists in the care of patients with cancer as well as cancer survivors.