The Cardio Oncology Society of Southern Africa

Home Team Dr Trishun YT Singh (President)

Dr YT Singh (Trishun) is an interventional and noninterventional Cardiologist, in Private Cardiology Practice, and has been in Specialist Cardiology Practice for the past 33 years

Qualified at the Medical School, University of Natal in 1977. Commenced Specialist Cardiology Practice at Netcare St Augustines Hospital in 1986. Instrumental in opening the Cardiac Units at Chatsmed Hospital, Victoria Hospital in Tongaat, KZN, South Africa. One of the founder doctors of the Cardiac Unit at Netcare Umhlanga Hospital, KZN, South Africa. Presently in partnership with Dr Connel Barnabas, Dr Joe McKibbin and Dr Aveen Mahabal

The partnership has practices at Netcare St Augustines Hospital, Netcare Umhlanga Hospital, Netcare Alberlito Hospital and a practice in the in the south coast of KZN, viz. Shelley Beach

Dr Y T Singh was a Director of Gateway Private Hospital and was instrumental in obtaining the licence for gateway Private Hospital and establishing that hospital

He is Director of Cardiac Mobile. Pty. Ltd. He has been instrumental in starting the Diabetic Cardiometabolic unit at Netcare Umhlanga Hospital, Durban and instrumental in starting the first Cardiooncology Unit in South Africa, and in fact, the continent of Africa. He is President of the Cardiooncology Society of Southern Africa (COSOSA). This is the first Cardiooncology Society in South Africa and in fact, Southern Africa. He has also been appointed to the Board of the International Cardiooncology Society (ICOS)

Other than his active role in Clinical Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology, he has a deep interest in Diabetes and Cardiometabolic diseases and works closely with the Endocrinologists, viz. Dr Sedeshan Govender and Dr Fraser Pirie at Netcare Umhlanga Hospital

His deep interest in Cardiooncology has resulted in his establishment of the first Cardiooncology Society. The intention is to make sure that the Cardiooncology group will expand to make sure that the cancer patient not only receives optimal cancer treatment, but to make sure that the cancer patient does not succumb from cardiovascular complications as a result of chemotherapy and radiation